Prepare for the 2020 mandate

Both EASA and FAA mandate that all aircraft must be equipped with an upgraded version of ADS-B Out (DO-260B) by 2020.

Avoid last minute problems by starting to plan your upgrade programme now.

Sirium Aerotech offers you an integrated solution to ensure that your fleet will be compliant with the 2020 mandate.

Request information about your modification programme today.

What will you need?

ADS-B Out is already required in many parts of the world. From 2020, the Euopean SESAR programme and the USA NextGen programme will mandate a more advanced version of ADS-B Out.

Current ADS-B Out mandates require a version 0 (DO-260) ATC Mode-S Transponder. Upcoming mandates specify a version 2 (DO-260B) ATC Mode-S Transponder and a more powerful GNSS Sensor.

Sirium Aerotech solution

Our background and experience allows us to offer you integrated solutions:

  • STC packages approved by EASA and/or FAA.
  • EASA/FAA approved Aircraft Documentation Updates.
  • Advice and consultancy.
  • MRO capability.
  • ADS-B components, support and repair capabilities.
Upgrade diagram

Product description

For compliance with the incoming mandate you will need:

  • ATC Mode S Transponder transmitting Extended Squitter on 1090MHz.
  • GNSS Sensor signal as part of the Flight Management System or installing instead a dedicated GPS.
  • Fully 2020 mandate compliant wiring system. As a result of this modification all aircraft will now be EHS or ELS, even those that were not before.
  • Independent cockpit indicators or FMS indication if suitable.
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